Spiritual Soaps take on the essence of the herbs, flowers and essential oils with which they are scented. Many of them have long been touted for their spiritual power. Use as a Soap, Shower Gel, or use in the bathtub as you take a soothing, relaxing bubble bath. No one except you will know the Spiritual Power you will be receiving to achieve your desires!

Our bubble baths and liquid soaps have been used for years to promote positive inner vibrations and resiliency, and to foster the strength to overcome your condition, whatever it may be. Choose the right one for you.

Los Jabones espirituales toman la esencia de las hierbas, las flores y los perfuman con que son olfateados. Muchos de ellos han sido recomendados mucho tiempo para su poder espiritual. Recomendamos que se usen estos jabones para lavar las manos y el cuerpo antes rituales espirituales.

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