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More than anyone else, Marie Laveau put New Orleans Voodoo on the map with her powerful magic and infamous ceremonies held in what are now Congo Square, Bayou St. John, and Lake Pontchartrain in New Orleans. Oral traditions suggest that the occult part of her magic mixed Roman Catholic beliefs and saints with African spirits and religious concepts. She is believed to be born in 1794 in a French and Spanish City, where the Catholic Church dominated the lives of its citizens. She is celebrated every year on St. John’s Eve, the foremost Voodoo holiday in New Orleans. St. John’s day corresponds with the summer solstice. This same celebration has taken place for almost 300 years; many of those years in Congo Square, though today the celebrations are much more discreet. Our Marie Laveau Spell kits draw on the power and blessings of the great Voodoo Queen to help you with any and all of your problems.

In 1965, history was made as Miller's Rexall pharmacy opened and catered to the local neighborhood in downtown Atlanta, Georgia. Guided by the needs of the local patrons, Miller's Rexall became the largest and most comprehensive old-fashioned Hoodoo drugstore in the south. Specializing in products dedicated to the mysteries of life, MedicinesandCurios.com, is Doc Miller's online store dedicated to serving the spiritual needs of today's followers of alternative spiritual paths. Here, many spiritual masters, reverends and high priests and priestesses use our potions, charms, herbs and roots and lucky spell kits to achieve their desires. Our supplies and ingredients are of the highest quality and are tried and true.

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