Our African collection created in Nigeria. Draw on the blessings of the Seven African Powers and the Divine to grant wishes and bestow blessings! Add 7 capfuls to your bath water and say you wish before bathing. Relax in the bath and visualize your wish coming true. Repeat as necessary until your wish is granted.

Our Holy Land Foaming Bath Gels harness the sacred power of water to cleanse, heal, and remove negative energy and clear the path to success. Many of the spiritual baths and foaming bath gels used in hoodoo have a special symbolism in the spiritual world because of the natural ingredients they are made of. They provide an effective means of cleansing away negativity and crossed conditions, drawing in good luck and prosperity and purifying one’s body, mind and soul.

We have a nice selection of spiritual baths, sprinkling salts, and soaps to help you achieve luck, prosperity, better business, health, blessings and success. Let the Divine energy of the Holy Land make your wishes come true today!.

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