The oldest tradition concerning ritual bathing utilizes of special herbs thought to impart certain essences conducive to love-getting, money-drawing, protection from evil, or the removal of curses. The method of preparation is generally to steep the herbs in boiling water, strain the mixture, let the liquid cool, and pour it over the body while standing in a wash tub. Perhaps the most well-known bath-herb in the African-American Christian community is Hyssop, mentioned in Psalm 51 of the Bible as the herb to use for purification from sin. The common-encountered recommendation to use only rain water, spring water, or ocean water in preparing such a bath is very likely an example of the Jewish-kabbalist influence in hoodoo, for in Judaism the mikva or ritual bath is supposed to be made with free running water. (From LUCKY MOJO catalogue)

Bush medicine is a term used by indigenous peoples to describe their traditional medicine and knowledge. Generally, bush medicine is made from plant materials, such as bark, leaves,seeds, and roots. Bush Medicine has been practiced since the time of the slaves in the Bahamas and Jamaica. It is still used today to cure many diseases using the naturally occurring plants found. Some traditional medicine has been proven within western cultures and science to have verified and proven results. Our Herbal Bush Baths utilize the healing powers of herbs, plants and roots to facilitate healing of mind, body and spirit as in traditional African bush medicine.

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