The cosmic element of water has been used across cultures and over time for purifying, cleansing, baptizing, scrying, and a variety of magickal purposes. It is an important tool for hoodoo and Voodoo as it is considered powerful and transformative. Through the addition of special flowers, herbs, sticks, and other natural ingredients, ordinary water becomes spiritually charged floor washes, colognes/perfumes, and spiritual baths.

Floor washes gained a special symbolism in the spiritual world because of the natural ingredients they were made of. They are said to provide an effective means of cleansing away negativity and crossed conditions, drawing in good luck and prosperity and purifying one’s space. (From The Voodoo Hoodoo Spellbook by Denise Alvarado)

Many of our floor washes can also be used as spiritual baths. When used as a spiritual bath and a floor wash, you double up the power to achieve maximum effectiveness.

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