The use of powders has long been recommended for spiritual, psychic and religious works. Many people use them for every day happiness and well-being. Users have told us how satisfied they have been with the fragrance and results. Use powders on your body daily after bathing or sprinkle where needed. Add to mojo bags and gris gris, dust petition papers and fix candles with our quality sachet powders.

Sachet powders, root powders, herbal powders, and mineral dusts can serve a double function as a floor sweep. Floor sweeps have been used by folks for a long time as a means to keeping their homes spiritually clean and lucky. They consist of ground up herbs and powdered minerals, and possess specific characteristics based on the ingredients. They are typically sprinkled on the (uncarpeted) floor of the home or business, by the front and back doors, or an in the four corners of your home or business. The floor sweep is allowed to sit and special psalms and prayers are said while the mixture is then swept back up. To get rid of bad luck, sweep from the back of the home to the front and out the door. To bring in good luck sweep from the front porch or walkway into the the home.

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