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Using dolls and effigies in sympathetic magic rituals is as old as humankind. More often than not, ritual dolls and effigies were used for healing, fertility, and empowerment. In some cultures such as ancient Greece, they were used to bind enemies. European poppets were widely used in folk magic and witchcraft to curse an enemy. Other types of dolls were used in harvest customs and burial rites, made as talismans, or used as teaching aids for children. Beyond the era of ancient dolls, Voodoo dolls as we know them today are created for many purposes. In New Orleans, which can be considered the contemporary hub of Voodoo dolls in America, they are created as gris gris (pronounced gree gree), a form of talismanic magick. In New Orleans, there are four main categories of gris gris: love, power and domination, luck and finance, and uncrossing. These four categories are among the most commonly requested gris gris associated with Voodoo dolls. We have a nice selection of Voodoo dolls  and poppets for a variety of purposes to suit your magickal needs.

In 1965 history was made as Doc Miller's uncle first opened the pharmacy that catered to the local neighborhood in downtown Atlanta, Georgia.  Guided by the needs of the local patrons, Miller's Rexall became the largest and most comprehensive Old-fashioned Hoodoo drugstore in the south. Specializing in products dedicated to the mysteries of life, MedicinesandCurios.com, is our online store dedicated to serving the spiritual needs of today's followers of alternative spiritual paths. here are many spiritual masters, reverends and high priests and priestesses who use our potions, charms, herbs and roots and lucky spell kits to achieve their desires. Our supplies and ingredients are of the highest quality and are tried and true.


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