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Thanks to Henri Gamache’s 1942 classic book The Master Book of Candle Burning, the use of altar candles and setting lights rose in popularity in the 1940s, and their use by rootworkers has remained popular to this day. Our Glass Encased Vigil Candles are used for spell-casting and novenas and are made in colors consistent with the work for which they are used. Candles are commonly burned on altars to show special devotion to a specific saint or deity. They function as focal points for meditation and prayer, and assist you in connecting to the Divine. Protect yourself from the devil and all evil do-doers, block negativity and bad luck, and open up roads to money, luck, love, prosperity, peace, and happiness with our seven day glass encased candles.

Burn candles to make your dreams & wishes come true! Candles work because they creates positive vibrations. For extra strength, dress your candles with our
Conjure Oils and Spiritual Oils. Light your candle during a quiet time, write your desires on Parchment Paper (M1001A) using the Dove's Blood Ink Pen (M1005) and place paper under the candle. These candles are intended to be burned over a period of seven days in ritual and prayer to aid you in protecting yourself, your home, or another from evil powers or to attain specific goals. Candles will burn about 120 hours and measure approximately 2 1/2 inches wide and 8 1/8 inches tall.

In 1965, history was made as Doc Miller's uncle first opened the pharmacy that catered to the local neighborhood in downtown Atlanta, Georgia. Guided by the needs of the local patrons, Miller's Rexall became the largest and most comprehensive Old-fashioned Hoodoo drugstore in the south. Specializing in products dedicated to the mysteries of life, MedicinesandCurios.com, is our online store dedicated to serving the spiritual needs of today's followers of alternative spiritual paths. There are many spiritual masters, reverends and high priests and priestesses who use our potions, charms, herbs and roots and lucky spell kits to achieve their desires. Our supplies and ingredients are of the highest quality and are tried and true.

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