Spirit Of Ammonia
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Spirit of Ammonia is used as an indoor or outdoor house blessing to remove all evil spirits, demons, and spells. Pour it down sinks, toilets, or mop water. Use as an indoor house blessing to remove all evil spirits, demons, and spells.Put a couple drops on chest area to remove jinx or spells inside you! AMMONIA is quite possibly the old-style conjurer’s best friend. A solution of anhydrous ammonia (NH3) in water, ammonia is a common replacement for urine in Hoodoo and conjure. It can be used in a variety of works including cleansing, clearing, protection, uncrossing and removing jinxes.

Throughout history, ammonia has proved to be one of the most versatile of products. The dictionary defines versatile as “capable of turning with ease from one thing to another,” and from more than 10,000 years ago to today, people continue to use ammonia in a wide variety of ways.

These uses and tips have been tested and documented by our ancestors and modern day rootworkers alike, and are believed to be tried and true.

1. Basic Cleansing Bath. Use 1 capful of ammonia to a full bath. It’s strong stuff and you don’t need much for a cleansing. Too much can have an opposite effect of souring your life.

2. Clearing negativity from your clothes and linens. Add one capful of ammonia to your wash loads each week to keep your clothing and bedding free of negative energies.

3 . Clearing residual negative energy off of the surfaces in your home. Pour a capful of ammonia into a bucket of hot water. Toss a bit of hyssop or rue into the water and swish everything around using a large crucifix. Take a clean white cloth and soak it in the water while praying the 23rd psalm. Remove the cloth and wring it out. It is now ready to be used to wipe down counters, doors, door knobs, refrigerators and other kitchen appliances, lamps, furniture, floors, walls, light switches, windows and blinds. Many surfaces of the home may be wiped down with this benign solution. While you are wiping down the surfaces, you should be mindful of wiping away evil messes and stagnant energy. (Excerpt from the Hoodoo Almanac 2013, available here.)


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