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A cologne used for spiritual services, purification, and cleansing; it is also a cooling wash, an aid to headache relief, and a lovely perfume. Use Florida Water Cologne as a rub down for the sick or for those in pain. This powerful and sweet smelling water will remove headaches, aching joints or muscles, and head colds, and more! There are many uses for this water. 7 1/2 oz. bottle with vivid graphic label and top seal.

Florida Water is the American answer to Eau de Cologne, or Cologne Water. It shares the same citrus base as Cologne Water, but has the addition of sweet orange (rather than the lemon and neroli of the original Cologne Water), and adds spicy notes, including lavender and clove. According to the current trademark holders, Lanman & Kemp Barclay, Florida Water was introduced by the New York City perfumer (and founder of the original company) Robert Murray in 1808. The company states that their product, now sold under the Murray & Lanman brand, still uses the original 1808 formula, and that the current label is also a slightly modified version of the 1808 original.

Originally, Florida Water was valued as unisex cologne, suitable for men and women. Victorian etiquette manuals warned young ladies against the “offensive” impression made by a strong perfume, but Florida Water and Eau de Cologne were recommended as appropriate for all, along with sachets for scenting linen. Large quantities were also used by barbershops as cologne and aftershave. In the 1880s and 1890s, Murray & Lanman Florida Water was advertised as “The Richest of all Perfumes” and “The Most Popular Perfume in the WorAlthough now obscure to most of the general American population, Florida Water remained popular among South American and Caribbean cultures. It was incorporated into magical and ritual traditions, including hoodoo.

Spiritual waters, or eaux in French perfumery, are solutions of fragrant essential oils combined with distilled water and some degree of perfumer’s alcohol or grain alcohol, with or without the addition of other fragrant substances ( i.e. Eau de Cologne). Often they are charged with odorous principles of flowers (i.e. Eau de Rose). They originated in the South of France or Italy, and were transported to New Orleans with the earliest perfumers.

Spiritual waters can be blended with ingredients such as water from specific sources, essential oils, tinctures, herbs, and so on. They are used as offerings to the spirits or added to floor washes and spiritual baths. The importance of water from different sources is a key part of the hoodoo body of knowledge. In New Orleans, we have numerous sources of water, from swamp water to river water and sea water. When you are familiar with the various associations, the potential for their use in potions and blends is limitless.

Spiritual waters are used in home protection rituals and spiritual cleansings. They can be used on the altar as an offering, as a floor wash for blessings, or on the person to receive the special benefits they possess. These spiritual waters are readily available in pharmacies and botanic and magic shops in most areas, and are relatively inexpensive. They can also be made from scratch with the right formulas. They are not very difficult to make, though they do require some investment in the essential oils and access to the right herbs for sufficient fragrance.

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