Use these mystic floor washes to clear away any evil mess, clear unwanted or unclean odors or conditions, and finally have a sweet smelling odor in your home! You can use these washes in your mop water for the floors or mix with water to clean your doors, walls, corners and under the beds! These washes are so mild and sweet that you can even use them in your bath! Just pour into a pail of water, or a spray bottle and use as needed.

The most famous of all the old commercial hoodoo home cleaners, herb-based Chinese Wash, is the only spiritual supply of its type I know that does not derive from a condition oil and which is rarely used for personal bathing. I believe it dates back to the 19th century, and although it may have begun as a simple floor wash to which magical power was later adduced, it is now the "gold standard" of spiritual floor, wall, and door step washes. The old slogan says it best: "Clear away that evil mess with Chinese Wash!" (from LUCKY MOJO catalogue)

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