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Althaea, also known as the marshmallow plant, can be burned with peaceful home incense for peace and protection.

Althaea is a genus of 6-12 species of perennial herbs native to Europe and western Asia. It includes Althaea officinalis, also known as the marshmallow plant, whence the fluffy confection got its name. They are found on the banks of rivers and in salt marshes, preferring moist, sandy soils. The medicinal properties of the plant is reflected in the name of the genus, which comes from the Greek althainein, meaning "to heal".

The flowers and young leaves are edible. They can be added fresh to salads or boiled and fried. The roots and stem also secrete a mucilage that can be used to soften the skin, and is used in cosmetic treatments.

The root of the marshmallow plant has been used since Egyptian antiquity in a honey-sweetened confection useful in the treatment of sore throat.The later French version of the recipe, called pâte de guimauve (or "guimauve" for short), included an eggwhite meringue and was often flavored with rose water. Pâte de guimauve more closely resembles contemporary commercially available marshmallows, which no longer contain any actual marshmallow.

In fok magic, althaea or marshmallow can be tied in a bundle and placed on the altar to attract friendly spirits. it can also be used in bottle spells and mojo bags for protection as well.


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